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Despite writing A Dash of Sarah containing blog posts about so many things, I’m ironically never good at describing myself. However, I love bullet points, so here we go:

Who Am I?

  • I’m a 20-something gal living just north of Dallas, Texas.
  • I’m a born-and-raised Californian who moved to Texas to finish out her Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism.
  • I love what I do for work, which is in the marketing realm.
  • My smartphone goes with me wherever I go for multiple reasons.
  • I’m also an avid user on Instagram because of this. (Follow me! @dashofsarah)
  • My hair color changes as often as the seasons.
  • When I get the chance, I love taking my Canon Rebel with me on trips.
  • I love all kinds of music, especially Acoustic, Indie, and Country.
  • Wannabe foodie, closet Wine-O (ok, maybe not so in-the-closet on that one…).
  • There’s a 95% chance my car radio is set to a 90’s music station.
  • I’m terrified of needles, and consequently have never given blood (though it’s on my 30 before 30 challenge list).
  • One of my absolute favorite spots is Maui, Hawaii.


Why Do I Blog at A Dash of Sarah?

A DASH OF SARAH about me

I have been writing excerpts online all my life, mostly for my own logging and amusement, along with creating online, journalistic articles. I started blogging August 2011, when I moved from California to Texas. It was the easiest way to keep all of my family and friends updated, pictures included, since not all of my loved ones had Facebook or something similar. I could write a post, and just email them the link.

Once I began blogging about DIY tutorials, I started to get a bit more serious in turning my personal blog into a DIY tutorial and recipe resource, along with reviews on products and restaurants. I figured if I browsed other blogs to find new recipes and crafts, why not help others and pay it forward? And so, here we are. 😉


craft tutorials, DIY recipes, Reviews


A Dash of Sarah gets its name by offering a “Dash” of everything going on in my daily life. If I discover and perfect a new recipe, why not share it? If I create an easy, go-to project for those scraps lying around, don’t you want to know how you can create the same thing, too? A Dash of Sarah blog offers posts including both healthy and sweet-tooth recipes, and DIY craft tutorials (up-cycling, budget design, etc).

Additionally, since my restlessness has turned me into a traveling fiend, I have begun creating reviews of hole-in-the-wall, local restaurants. This is under A Dash of Sarah’s “review” section, along with product reviews. I am open to reviewing any product that correlates with my lifestyle and this blog. Please visit my contact page to inquire about a product review.


Thanks for stopping by, and I’d love to receive your feedback! Stay dashing, my dears.

Stay Dashing, My Dears!

Sarah is a Marketing Project Coordinator at Research Now.
Sarah writes about events, experiences, and happenings around Dallas, Texas and Plano.
Sarah is a blogger, foodie, and brand advocate, dedicating her free time to DIY craft tutorials, creating new recipes, and reviewing products.

Sarah Beacom - Social Media Strategist and Broadcast News Journalist

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