Easy DIY Gift Baskets

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Whether you’re trying to make a custom, one-of-a-kind gift basket for a friend’s birthday, need a last-minute house-warming present for a loved one, a token of appreciation when meeting your significant other’s family for the first time, or simply a just-because gift, these gift baskets will become your go-to idea!

I’ve been in each of the above situations, and the last-minute recipients would have been none-the-wiser, which is the best part of these puppies. While they’re easy to grab the items day-of, they present so well and do show thought and care.

Here’s some examples of baskets I’ve put together in the past:

fall harvest wine thank you gift basket
A fall gift basket featuring a Harvest Blessing basket, red wine, and ornament with spice mixes inside, wrapped with a spread knife attached to the bow.
easy to make DIY fall olive oil kit mini gift basket sets
Mini olive oil dipping kit gift basket featuring olive oil bottle, balsamic vinaigrette, Italian spices, and a dipping bowl.
do it yourself fall gift basket
A autumn gift basket with a Harvest Blessing mini sign, a bottle of red wine, and a pumpkin spice candle.

Making Your DIY Gift Basket

As you can see, all of these baskets are Fall/Autumn themed, but the important thing is that you pick a theme when creating your gift basket. While these are all fall themed as far as decorations, they’re each catered differently to the recipient. One has wine and a candle, as I chose a couple “favorites” of the recipient. One is food and beverage, featuring a spice mix for creating your own spread with a bottle of wine, and the third is an Italian dipping set.

Regardless of what theme you go with for your basket, you’re going to need the following:

How to Arrange Your DIY Gift Basket

Step 1: fill the empty basket 2/3 of the way with the basket filler. You want to leave a little room for the items to fill in.

Step 2: Make little holes in the filler where you expect the more bulky items to go, then place these items in the holes. When arranging your items, try to place lighter, smaller-to-the-eye trinkets sitting on top of the filler so that they don’t get lost down into the basket in transport.

Step 3: Fill in the remainder of the basket with filler after you’ve placed all of your items, so that each item is fitting snug in the basket.

fall wine gift basket diy how to
This bottle of wine and candle aren’t going anywhere!

Step 4: Open up a cellophane basket bag, and gently place your basket at the bottom of this bag. Bring together the ends evenly towards the top of your goodies, leaving about an inch space from the top of the highest goodie to where you grab.

Step 5: Cinch the bag and tie with a decorative bow for a finished, elegant look.

last minute gift basket do it yourself


And there you have it. With a few personalized items, a central theme, and some easy online shopping or a quick trip to your local craft store, and you’re in business with a clever, thoughtful, and easy gift for any occasion!


What kind of basket are you looking to create? I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve for baby shower baskets and spooky halloween gift sets!

Stay Dashing, My Dears!

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