DIY Leopard Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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cheetah leopard makeup tutorial

How to Do Leopard Spots Makeup Tutorial for Your Halloween Costume

It’s Halloween week! What are you going to be? If you haven’t a clue, be sure to check out my DIY Halloween Costume Ideas, where you can see the full ensemble to go with today’s post. Today, you’ll get to see the easy-peasy, but awesome looking way to create a leopard face with makeup!

I got inspiration for this look from this pin, and completed it as part of my 30-pins before 30 (see the rest I’ve completed in my 30-before-30 post!)

** I started with a clean face, and used white creme makeup to shade half of my face like a leopard’s. I patted the white creme on my upper lip, under my eye, and near my brow. Hold off on bronzer until after you’ve created your spots, so that you can work on a clean surface. I also waited to do my eye makeup until after my whole face was set.


I used the following tools for this look:

  • Black eyeliner
  • Dark brown, light brown, and gold eyeshadows
  • Dark bronzer
  • oil-based creme halloween makeup in black and brown
  • Creme makeup in white
  • Thin paint brush
  • Black eyeshadow for shading crease and smokey-eyes
  • Fake eyelashes (the thicker and longer, the better!)
  • Vampire fangs
  • Denture glue for fangs

Leopard Costume Makeup Spots Step by Step

Once you’ve completed your spots, use a dark bronzer to contour and shade. I applied bronzer heavily on both cheekbones to give a more contoured look to my face, and on my nose to contrast against the white and black nose.

Tips and Hints:

  • The spots are VERY easy to make. I used 2 little half-circles, or C-shapes that don’t connect all around my face, then filled them in with eyeshadow. I varied my spots between a dark brown eyeshadow, a lighter brown eyeshadow, and a gold eyeshadow. Some of the smaller spots I simply filled in with black eyeliner, then brushed with the bronzer to set it after.
  • For the lips, line the top part of your entire lip, and extend a little further outwards on each side. Then, proceed to shade your lips with the black eyeliner, as well. To give my lips more of an animalistic look, I also applied burgundy lipstick in the very centers of my lips after shading with black.
  • Along with shading your left eye crease and applying spots on right eye, a deep, dark smokey eye and fluffy, long fake eyelashes really kick this look up a notch.
  • There’s no need to be perfect. I am a perfectionist, but this look is VERY forgiving. That’s mostly because leopard spots aren’t perfect themselves. They vary in shapes and sizes, and aren’t in a specific, symmetrical pattern. Go with what looks right, let loose, and have fun!
  • Baby powder or translucent powder is a MUST for this look. I should preface this with the fact that I have very oily skin. I used creme/oil-based makeup for all the black parts of this look, and had I not sprinkled my whole face with transclucent powder prior to leaving for the party, my face would’ve been a dripping, smeared mess by the time I arrived. A light BareMinerals loose powder will work just as well.
  • If you’re going to wear the fangs, bring a straw to the party. I’m not even joking. Those suckers will pop off the minute you drink something with carbonation without using a straw. Be prepared to not eat anything hard, as well (I suggest eating BEFORE you put on the teeth).

How to create leopard spots for Halloween Costume tutorial

And there you have it! This look was SO easy to accomplish, seriously. I actually ended up doing this look 2 nights in a row, it was that simple. So ladies, go out there, paint those faces, and look FIERCE-ly fabulous this Halloween!

So tell me, my dears–what’s the best makeup look you’ve ever completed for Halloween?

DIY tutorial to make leopard spots for last minute Halloween costume

Stay Dashing, My Dears!

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