DIY Christmas Bunting Banner

Got an hour to spare this weekend before the big day arrives next week? Get out your holiday scrapbook paper and get to work! This quick, easy-to-make Chirstmas bunting banner is sure to brighten up your home during your holiday festivities!

DIY Christmas Bunting Banner

Materials Needed:

– Scrapbook Paper, 2 sheets in 3 separate Christmas-related designs/colors

  • Craft-Laminated Burlap

  • Jumbo-Sized Jute String

  • “Clipboard” Self-Adhesive Letters

  • 15 Wooden Clothes Pins

  • Christmas-Themed Ribbon

  • Two Clear Push Pins

  • Scissors



1. Cut the scrapbook papers and burlap. Make a template stencil using scrap paper or cardboard. I used this blog post for guidance on the dimensions for the stencil for my last project, the Thanksgiving Bunting. However, since “Merry Christmas” takes more letters, I decided to cut down my dimensions a little to fit the space better. You can see the dimensions I used in the picture below. Cut enough flags for the saying you’d like to hang, alternating the colors.

Bunting Flag Dimensions cut burlap flag dimensions Christmas burlap flag colors


2. Attach letters to the cut flags. If you’re able to find the self-adhesive “clipboard” scrapbooking letters, these will work best. Otherwise, find letters in lightweight material, and use adhesive spray to attach them to your flags. Keep in mind the color pattern you want when you hang them (Ex: mine was “burlap, orange white, burlap, orange, white…” and so on).

clipboard adhesive letters clipboard adhesive letters clipboard adhesive letters clipboard adhesive letters


3. Measure and cut jute string. If you can recruit a friend, family member, or roommate, have them help you measure out how much jute you will need to string the flags across the wall. I left extra jute on each side to tie bows and let the excess hang down in a light spiral.

4. Clip flags to jute string using wooden clothes pins.  At this point, I laid the string across my living room floor, and got to work. I spread out the flags, pre-tied the red ribbon into a bow, and spaced it out to my liking. Then, one by one, I clipped the flags onto the string, using my feet to keep the string taut as I went along. I used a pin to attach the bow, as well (this way, I can take the bow off easily when I go to change out the bunting flags for the next season). Let me tell you, once you have done this the first time, replacing flags in the future while the jute is already pre-hung is a piece of cake!

5. Hang banner on wall, using clear push pins to secure. Again, if you can recruit someone to help you, this will be easier. Use a tape measure to see where on the wall you will place the first push pin. Once the push pin is in the wall, tie one side of the banner around the push pin in a bow, double-knotting if necessary. Measure the next side so the flag hangs evenly. Adjust as needed.


And, voila! Easy-peasy, done-in-a-few-hours project for Christmas. AND, the Christmas bunting banner makes for a great backdrop for pictures!

Christmas themed bunting


Have you made bunting before? How did yours differ from mine?

Did you partake in any last-minute Christmas holiday crafts this season?