Sugar-Free Yogurt Popsicles – DIY Recipe

Tired of the same ‘ole yogurt and fruit routine? Follow this incredibly easy recipe for a quick, cheap, low-calorie snack that’s  deliciously addictive! These sugar-free yogurt popsicles will be a hit for your little ones, or at any party this spring and summer season.


Sugar-free Yogurt Popsicles

Nutritional Facts Per Serving (Serving Size: 2 mini popsicles):

Calories: 44 — Sugars: 6g — Carbs: 6g — Protein: 3g

Ingredients Needed:


  • Fruit of choice (personal favorite: 6 strawberries)
  • Greek yogurt of choice (personal favorite: Yoplait honey greek yogurt)
  • Popsicle mold set (I snagged a mini 8-popsicle set for $1 at the Dollar Tree! I did notice that they were out of stock when I went this last week, but there are several inexpensive popsicle molds available online on
  • ** Optional: Don’t like the tart yogurt taste? Add a packet or two of your sweetener of choice (I recommend Pure Via) for a sweeter, more traditional popsicle taste.


1) Place the greek yogurt and 3/4 of your fruit of choice in the blender. 

Blend well. Add last 1/4 of fruit toward the end and blend lightly, until only small particles of fruit are visible (for that “real fruit added” texture). DO NOT add water or ice to your mixture, as this will cause the popsicles to not harden the correct way in the freezer and make them more likely to break off in pieces when trying to remove them from the mold set. (Also, keep in mind that more fruit leads to a sweeter tasting popsicle!)


2) Prepare your popsicle mold set. 

Make sure it is clean and ready to go. (Be sure to double check the part that will be attached to your popsicle mixture when frozen, as any remanence may cause problems with attachment.

3) Pour your popsicle mixture into your mold set, making sure not to overfill. 

Overfilling can cause breakage when trying to pull your popsicle out of its mold later on, and can lead to a mess when trying to eat your icy-cold snack. Place the filled mold set in the freezer.


4) Leave your mixture to freeze for about 3 hours, and you’re set! 

Make sure your sugar-free yogurt popsicles are fully frozen by giving your holders a light tug. They should NOT move when being tugged on. If they give way in the slightest bit, your mixture is not firm, and should be placed back in the freezer for a while longer. When you’re ready to eat your popsicles, run the particular popsicle that you’re trying to get out under hot water. The heat will help the popsicle detach from the mold, and your home-made dessert should pop out easily when pulled by the handle after less than 30 seconds under the faucet.

Enjoy these mini delights! I tested the little smoothie ice poppers on both my roommate and my boyfriend. My roommate loved it, and though my boyfriend isn’t the biggest healthy-snack fan (he calls them “girly”), he enjoyed the flavors, as well! (Double win!) These sugar-free yogurt popsicles are the perfect cure to the terrible ice cream cravings that come over me while trying to eat right. They are ESPECIALLY perfect as a mini cool down in this God-awful Texas heat!

If you try this recipe (or even a different fruit/yogurt variation), be sure to let me know how you like the results!