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‘Tis the Season… For Getting Real

Hello my darlings.

Long time no blog seems cliche, but I can’t think of a better term to chalk my blogging absence up to. It’s been an exciting year, and now that my shoulders are sitting a little lower and my breathing has slowed, it seemed appropriate to give this site a good refresh. But what would I write about?

I graduated last December. It was a surreal moment. My boyfriend at the time was off doing who knows what in Australia, and my parents flew in when I was flying around like a chicken with its head cut off. Between working nearly full time and finishing up capstone courses, I’m surprised I had the energy and mental stability to throw on a dress and walk across that stage to receive that hard-earned piece of paper.

But what happens now?

No one tells you much about post-grad life. Sure, there’s the ever-present¬†“You think you’re busy? Just wait until you’re out of college, and spring break no longer exists,”¬†coupled with the “You can’t wait to graduate? Talk to me after you’re in the real world and have to have your boss sign off for a vacation all while paying back student loans.”

But no one talks about the college friends you promise to see but never do. They don’t mention the sense of displacement that 20-somethings feel as they go to navigate this “real world” everyone has mentioned, determined to make something of themselves. And they certainly fail to mention that not only does time not stand still once you’re out of college, it practically flies by.

Crawling not-so-slowly to my late-20s, it seems only appropriate that the existential questions start fluttering around in my head.

“Where am I going in life?” “Is this what I always wanted to be when I was growing up?” “Will I ever experience true love?” “When is it appropriate to start thinking physically of my chances of having children?”

No, they don’t prepare you for those not-so-easy to answer questions when sending you your degree along with an application to the alumni association.

Perhaps it’s envying my two best friends with their obvious love, or maybe it’s seeing fall start to spring up here and there during my daily tasks… but while it may still be in the 90s here in Texas, I seem to be drawing in all the dark gloom that one fall season can handle with my sense of uneasiness and unsettlement.


Stay Dashing, My Dears!

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